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31 May

Each minute of our life is a lesson but most of us fail to read it. I thought I would just add my daily lessons & the lessons that I learned by seeing the people around here. So it may be useful for you and as memories for me…….

“Smoking became fashion and addiction to the present generation teenagers. In the olden days only men used to smoke, but now women joined them. Smoking is can be simply defined as inhaling tobacco.Cigarettes, pipes and hookahs are the most popular methods of smoking and hence also the most injurious smoking elements for health.There are many reasons for doing so, the most common being cultural reasons or peer pressure.

This habit usually begins at school when boys/girls try to experiment with every new thing that they can lay their hands on.In the beginning, a teenager may take a few puffs from his friend’s cigarette; then comes a time when it becomes an indispensable part of his life. Several puffs lead to the formation of a habit. Soon smoking begins to affect the health of the smoker. He becomes a chain-smoker.

Smoking is THE most important cause of premature heart attacks, with India having about 4.5 crore patients with ischemic heart disease, doctors warned today. Despite the warnings given by doctors about the ill-effects of smoking, people continue to smoke. Smokers are addicted to it, and even if they want to, they cannot refrain from picking up a cigar or cigarette and puffing away.

According to the World Health Organization, tobacco use is one of the biggest public health threats worldwide which kills nearly six million people a year of whom about 600,000 are non-smokers exposed to second-hand smoke.

And the situation in India is very alarming as around 10 lakh deaths are caused by tobacco every year, with the WHO 2012 Global Report on Mortality claiming seven per cent of all deaths for people aged 30 and over in India are attributable to tobacco.

It is widely believed that tobacco use, especially smoking, causes chronic bronchitis and lung cancer, but many may not know that it is actually the most important cause of premature heart attacks.

Smoking does not only harm you but also people associated with you and people sitting around you because the smoke, which you take out from your mouth after smoking, will damage the environment badly. Not only that just think once about your family members what feelings will they be going through seeing you killing yourself day by day.

If you are a continuous smoker, the time has come for you to stop smoking and live a healthy wealthy and great life!

Tell Yourself Daily:

  • I will feel healthier and have more energy, whiter teeth, and fresher breath.
  • I will lower my risk for cancer, heart attacks, strokes, early death, cataracts, and skin wrinkling.
  • I will make myself and my partner, friends, and family proud of me.
  • I will no longer expose my children and others to the dangers of my second-hand smoke.
  • I will have a healthier baby (If you or your partner is pregnant).
  • I will have more money to spend.
  • I won’t have to worry: “When will I get to smoke next?”

Smoking can be stopped by a strong will power and every person has the capacity to give it up once he sets his mind at doing so.

Please feel free to share your story and any lessons you learned, you experienced, you came across in your life,  in the comments below.

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