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12 Jun

Dear All,

I am very much thankful to all the readers who are encouraging & motivating me,  from all these years to move forward in my life. All my writings are nothing, but the experiences that i experienced, experiences of people who shared to me and simplified form of various words gathered from the writings of various World famous writers.

On the occassion of Father’s Day, I am coming up with an article where everyone can share their opinions, So I am gathering the Opinions of Individual about Fathers and their importance in Life.

Here is a list of Questionnaire about father.  So if you find free time, please reply to these questions and if there are any other questions which you feel good to be asked, you can add them..

What’s Your Name?

What does Father Mean to you?

What does your Father Mean to You?

What type of attachment do you have with your father?

Your unforgettable moment with your Father?

Your Happiest Moment with Your Father?

Do you Miss your Father? Why?

Did, ever your father ask for apologies From You?

Is Your Father Role Model To You? Why?

What Do You Like & Don’t Like In Your Father? Why?

If you get a chance, what do you like to tell Heart fully to your Father?

In your opinion How a father is Important in Children life?

I am sorry to ask, Is your father alive?     Y/N

Just provide with simple answers, need not go for elaborated ones.

You can also mail your opinion to the  following Email Id’s

Your Everlasting Friend.


Please feel free to share your opinion, your relation, attachment with your father in your words  in the comments below.


Posted by on June 12, 2012 in Experiences of Life.


2 responses to “Share your Opinion

  1. dfffd

    June 13, 2012 at 9:08 am

    If u dnt mind may i knw y u r askng lk dis.
    Itz a gud thing to share , but a small confussion dats y im askng lk this.


    • munnaprawin

      June 13, 2012 at 9:45 am

      My Dear, you are only telling it’s good to share some of our thoughts. I mean your attachment with your father, may make few persons realize about the value of parents….



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