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Each minute of our life is a lesson but most of us fail to read it. I thought I would just add my daily lessons & the lessons that I learned by seeing the people around here. So it may be useful for you and as memories for me.

Article by MATT…

Attitude is such a little thing that makes a major difference.  There are many factors that determine ones success throughout life, however, I strongly believe that having the right attitude towards life, yourself, and others is one of the greatest factors of all. attitude

The right attitude can take you to the top of your profession. The right attitude can build powerful marriages.  The right attitude can create an everlasting legacy.  The right attitude can bring out the best in others.  The right attitude can spark hope in those who are in need.

Some of the biggest achievements in history were made by men and women who understood the importance of attitude.  A good portion of the population will look at these accomplishments and think, “Wow, how in the world did they do that?”  We tend to believe these men and women have been blessed with a special gift over the rest of us.  That there is no way we could ever do something that remarkable.  And it’s that type of mental attitude that will leave you searching and wishing for more in life.  Never creating and leaving a legacy of your own.

YOU have ultimate control over your attitude.  YOU aren’t any different from the next person.  YOU have the ability to live your dream and create whatever it is you desire.  It all comes down to YOUR attitude.  Why is it that some can earn an extraordinary amount of money with very little education?  Why can some defeat such odds and go on to be some of the worlds greatest achievers?  Simple.  The attitude they chose.  You have two options.  To choose a positive and resilient attitude despite any hardship you encounter along the way, or to allow life’s minor mishaps to negatively shape your attitude.  And what you choose will greatly determine the quality of life your life.

When you choose a positive attitude, no goal or dream is out of reach.  If it has been done before, then you darn well know you can do the same.  Someone with a negative attitude loves to play the blame game.  The economy limits their financial goals.  Circumstances limit their vision for what they can accomplish.

The only thing that separates you from those who are living a happy, abundant, and successful life is whether you decide to choose a positive or negative attitude.  Take advantage of your power and the ability to choose whatever attitude it is you desire.  But just know that such a little thing…… makes such a major difference!

Attitude affects our every aspect of life. Happiness is the product of our attitudes because right attitudes will produce right actions. Only right actions can make us happy. If we have the right attitude we will see the invisible, feel the intangible and achieve the impossible. Having positive attitudes is a sure way to succeed in life. It is a sure way to long and cheerful life.

Let us opt for a great attitude to have a great life.

Please feel free to share your story and any lessons you learned, you experienced , you came across in your life in the comments below.

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