A Mother’s Sacrifice

12 May

Each minute of our life is a lesson but most of us fail to read it. I thought I would just add my daily lessons & the lessons that I learned by seeing the people around here. So it may be useful for you and as memories for me…….

The article was written by Munna….


Mothers are the best gift that has given to us by god. Having them is such a thankful and splendid treasure in our life.
It is said that behind every successful man there is a woman. That may not necessarily be true; however it is true that behind every confident child there is an encouraging mother. Day after day in our impressionable years our mothers either build us up, or tear us down. A child who has a mother who is set on encouraging her/him is a child that starts off with an advantage. Our mothers may not be rich enough to leave us a financial legacy when they go, but a mother who sows encouragement into her child’s heart gives the greatest legacy of all.
Mom…You have always been a source of inspiration to me when it comes to hard work and not giving up. I have been lazy and dad has been lazy in his own ways, but you never gave up on us to get things done…I always love you for that…
 They are the one who stay when we get hurt, when we are down, when we are sad, when we are harmed.
They were the first person in this world to become happy, when we are on top; we are triumphant, when we achieved something and when we are blessed.
In there so many ways, mothers have cherished their children so much that they even cherished more than their lives.
They cared for us as if we are a golden treasure that they need to protect us from harmful humans and incidents.
They always pray for the goodness of our life in this world and what comes after.
 They spent time to take good care of us. In the middle of the night, where everybody was fall asleep, our mothers remain awake to check what we need
. They often had a sleepless night to feed us, check our diapers and sometimes we defecated in their very lap. They sang a song to us.
She put her strength all together for us, and being a weak human being in physical, she could still manage to do a lot of hard works for their children.
They were our first teacher to write and read.
 Who could be better than them to take care of us, care for us, pray for us and be there for us? There are so many people who never accompanied their mother had a very sad experience.
They were so much jealous to the people who are still living under the caring of their mother. Nobody cared for them with real care.
These were just among from the few sacrifices of our mother. You cannot count every deed they made to let us live better. Before birth, their body was in pain to carry us in their wombs for about 9 months.

They vomited their foods, they suffered headaches, they felt something strange and weakness of their body every morning. But because they are a mother, they paid no complain against these.

They were pretty much excited to see us, to give birth to us. They even talk to us even they could not see us, just massaging their wombs. The wished for the best for us, they hoped for the excellence of our life.
They are doing all these sacrifices wholeheartedly without waiting for something in return. This is priceless care, a blessed care and a gift to us.
If there is someone that we owe our life to, it is our mother.
We could not give her back her sacrifices but we could make her happy.
We should not treat her bad, disobey her will and defy her. Aside from materials, we need to show them our love to them every day. We do not have a right to say bad things about them and hurt them.
Mother you were so kind to me, cared for me, suckled me, I wish I could make you happier each day. I will always love you and pray that I could be more like you.
I still remember the day(s)…
  •      When you would leave me off at School and wave me off bye and return home to finish off all your work at home. And, yet promptly come back to school even in the mid day sun or cold rain carrying my lunch box with a king like lunch. I still remember no other kid enjoyed this privilege; it was just me. Those days made me understand the value of commitment, love and care.
  • When you would get me ready for the school outing with friends and get me packed with Chapatti. Dad would help you make for me on those special days. I understood that even small things in life mattered a lot.
  •    When you found me having a rubber of my friend which I carried home willingly, got so angry thinking I had stole it from him – you made me return it back to him the next day with a sorry. That day I understood the value of morals.
  •  When you would come to collect the report card and mark sheets from Springfield at the times when dad was busy on Parents Teachers day meet – though you knew I was an average performer you had a smile on your face as if I was the best among everyone in the class. That day I understood the value of motivation.
  • When you always protected me and did not give up on me when others boasted about their sons/daughters in the friends and relatives circle. Those days made me understand that no matter what keeping up the respect of your son played its role in building him to a better person in the future.
  • When you always yelled at me and scolded me for not doing some things or not helping you on house hold errands – I understood the value of perfection and getting things done immediately.
  • When you took me to temple, and socialized with people on the way – I understood the value of networking and socializing not just with humans but also with god .
  •  When I get back home tired with a lot of cribbing about school and office, there was always something surprisingly delicious waiting for me which made me forget all negativity – I understood you knew me in and out.
  •   When you gave me all the comforts at home in the weekends – I felt so pampered like a small kid.
  •  When you always considered me one step ahead of everyone in the family – I understood I am special to you as always.
  • When I missed you and dad so much when I came to Hyderabad – I understood my world was around you both.
  • When you saved penny by penny out of household expenses, and when they turned out to a big sum – I understood saving is an integral part of every one’s life.
All this while, all  these things has partly made me what I am now. I am proud to say that I learned all these from you. I know I am miles away from you now, but  Whenever I think of you, Mother, Whatever the time or the place, I picture a moment of childhood and a smile spreads over my face.
I feel myself being encouraged in all I am trying to do. I remember the pride you expressed whenever i do a little good. To you I was never a loser. I know I am miles away from you now. But, I will never forget what you are giving me and you have made me special in your own ways. I am what I am because of you and dad. You never left hopes on me, your belief and trust made me achieve all what I have now. I thank you for all your unconditional love, care, and numerous uncountable things you have given me in life.I wish you all health, happiness and comfort forever. Please never leave me mom.
Please feel free to share your opinion, your relation, attachment with your father in your words  in the comments below.

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2 responses to “A Mother’s Sacrifice

  1. akki

    May 14, 2012 at 4:11 pm

    Its really good munna.


  2. Susheel

    May 16, 2012 at 8:06 am

    Every word expressed by awakes the memories and emotions sleeping at bottom of heart to realise the purpose of being human



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