Don’t Get Misguided

19 Jul

Each minute of our life is a lesson but most of us fail to read it. I thought I would just add my daily lessons & the lessons that I learned by seeing the people around here. So it may be useful for you and as memories for me…….

The article was written by Shanmukhi…..

Mothers are the best gift that has given to us by god. Having them is such a thankful and splendid treasure in our life.

I am Shanmukhi; Today I would like to share the mistake that I made in my life.

I lost my Father when I was 14 years old. I know how my mom struggled all these years to make me and my sister stand in this respectable position. I only recently realized that I hated my mother because by hearing most of the friends words.

Growing up in a single parent household is challenging because I always felt so dependent on my mother for survival. But the older I get the more I see that my life is suffering because of the friends who misguided me from my mom.

Till my intermediate I had a decent relationship with my mother. After joining into b tech, I got 3 new friends sinduja, ravi, and pavani. I love them all because they shown the love and I was impressed by their caring. In the initial days they are so friendly and they used to respect my likes & dislikes. Among them Mr. Ravi love me lot. He expressed his interest to marry, but I told I am sorry, but also he used to take care of me.

From then each & every decision in my life is taken by them. After few days, they started pointing my weakness & negatives in me, but I never spoke anything, because that time I have a fear of losing them. My friends have always said bad things about my life, restrictions posed by mom, many like that and their way of words influenced me. I have never been able to connect emotionally with my mother.

I don’t know why my friends never liked my mom? They used to ask me, to avoid my mother for number of reasons. I thought their words are correct and all these years I avoided her. They used to say that, why do you talk to your mother for long time avoid her and made me stay away from my mom. I believed their words. I followed their words blindly. Even my dressing, way of behavior, eating habits, life style everything was decided by them. At one point I felt really unhappy with my life. I was not given any chance to express my feelings. They used to ask me to share everything, but when I tried none of them received or cared of my emotions & my hearts pain.

After my education I came to Bangalore job search. Even my professional was influenced by them. They used to compel me even in attending interviews. I simply did whatever they told to me.

Now I am really feeling bad of my past. If I look back and see, I am nowhere in my life, not even my mother. Even now I don’t understand how I simply believed such senseless and unusual friends who took away my personal life from my mother, who’s everything to me.

Recently by seeing few incidents, I realized what mistake I made.  Now I feel like moving back to mom.

Few days back I am at a cross roads in my life. And I feel more lost than ever. And the fact that my friends, who seem so settled in their lives, have misguided me. I can’t complain about anyone. It’s my mistake to disregard my mother by listening such stupid words.

For many years my mother is alone looking eagerly for my arrival. Now I am feeling really ashamed of the things that I have done. I can’t forgive myself. I even feel that I don’t have eligibility to live on the Earth. I know how really my mom worked to take care me and my brother. She spent many sleepless nights crying for us. I don’t know how I have done this to her.
My advice to everyone is that, please don’t listen anyone words and disregard your parents and do the same mistake I have done. Parents are everything.

I know I am miles away from my mother now. But, I will never forget what she gave me have made me special in this world. You never left hopes on me, your belief and trust made me achieve all what I have now, but I never cared you and received you with love. Please Forgive Me Mom.. I thank you for all your unconditional love, care, and numerous uncountable things you have given me in life. I wish you all health, happiness and comfort forever. Please never leave me mom.

Please forgive me mom. I will hold your hand; I will take care of you till my last breath.

I have decided to keep my mother in my heart with me  and welcome unconditional love and support into my life.

Please feel free to share your story and any lessons you learned, you experienced , you came across in your life in the comments below.

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