Man who Programmed his LIFE

25 Dec

Each minute of our life is a lesson but most of us fail to read it. I thought I would just add my daily lessons & the lessons that I learned by seeing the people around here. So it may be useful for you and as memories for me.

From students of PSNA college..

Prawin, the day I met you during a training program in my college, my first impression is you are so handsome with unique dressing, silver rings, bracelets and earring. You are first crush in my life and to many others in PSNA college 2011 BE batch. When you started the training program, you looked like an Idiot who is speaking so arrogant and have no respect towards girls. By the end of 3 day training event, you looked something special to me and many of my friends. As it is a college with many students who girls,  many of my friends started to admire you for your looks, your attitude, your teaching skills and love you poured on us. After journey with you and by seeing and listening to people about you, I understood I am totally wrong for taking u wrong on day 1. From then, every-time I used to get surprised with your lectures, articles and with your Gutso nature. You are unique in way you speak, behave, give lectures, work, treat others, learn, eat, live your life… I mean  WhatsApp Image 2019-11-17 at 8.05.26 PMeverything grabbed the attention of people around you. People like you are actually a very rare gem. You might not actually have a bad personality, but it can be so intense that other people often feel the need to give you a wide berth. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should change who you are. You just need to understand that people will often misunderstand you.It could be the energy around you, it could also be a peculiar personality trait that rubs people the wrong way.

Out of my curiosity of attraction or love, I did lot of analysis and found some interesting and hidden points about your personality. For those who possess a deeper personality, you may actually be scaring people off just by being yourself! You are like a Humanoid/ a programmed human. 

Prawin, You possess a deep personality, you are like a diamond in the rough – the honest, reliable, forward-thinking type of person that makes this world a better place. However, not everyone is going to understand how your mind works. There are many people out there who are willing to settle for far less, and your intensity threatens the simplicity of the world that they have created.

You do things with gusto. You believe that you only live once, and therefore, you make an effort to live life to the fullest. Many people don’t do things in the same manner, and they will therefore not get why you do it. But take heart, there will be people who understand your passion, and you can hold on to them.

You Never encourage shallow relationships. You’re not the kind of person who is going to enjoy a one-night stand or a casual fling. If you get into a relationship, you’re all in. You want to connect with someone on a deep level, establishing a meaningful relationship, and anything less is a waste of time in your opinion. As a person with a deep personality, you expect others to give as you give, but you’ll soon be disappointed when you find that many people are only “deep” on the surface” and that it is difficult for people to keep up the ruse over time.

You are incredibly open-minded. Too many people have masked closed-mindedness today with the illusion that they are merely staying true to their morals and beliefs rather than admitting they simply haven’t tried to understand. Instead, you are open to trying to understand new ideas, concepts and ways of living. You may not agree, but you’re always willing to learn more.

IMG_1023You are brutally honest.When it comes down to it, you don’t have time to waste beating around the bush. It’s why people both love and hate you. You don’t bother to sugar coat things, and see your honesty as a positive trait about you. Don’t worry, it is, but many people are not going to like it when you tell it like it is, especially if it’s a hard truth about themselves they don’t want to admit.

You always have a clear picture of what you want. Knowing what you want means you can get to work faster. This means that people will be always in your dust. Your goals are always a top priority which can lead you to say or do things in your quest to achieve success that will make others feel uncomfortable. When you speak your mind you are capable of achieving those goals and that makes people pretty uncomfortable; especially when they are comparing themselves to you and your amazing self. Just be careful not to be too goal focused or you can lose sight of the beauty in the little moments in between.

Your habits are programmed. Schedules and consistency are your friends, creating a solid and predictable foundation upon which you can build your life. You like to know what to expect and how you should prepare for it, and you have no interest in surprises.

You are a solution for problems. If you’re in a difficult situation, you’re not the kind of person who is going to sit around wallowing in the struggle you’ve been handed. Instead, you will instantly get to work trying to find a solution to the problem, working on getting yourself out of there and on to better things.

You like consistency. Your deep personality requires some maintenance and that means that you don’t like surprises. You expect people to do what they said they would do, and you always deliver on your promises in return. When someone rocks the boat, it can be hard for your emotional thought process to handle, and that means that you need longer to deal with life’s problems. But that’s okay, it also means you get to spend more time working through things that others would just glaze over.

Your life isn’t fear driven. Every human being experiences fear. For some people, it can stop them from living a full life. But you’re different. Fear is just another annoying emotion you’ve chosen to accept and move on from. You understand that you will undoubtedly experience fear when you try something new, but you also know that trying new things is what makes life fun and rewarding. After all, growth only happens when you escape your comfort zone.

You aren’t afraid of intimacy. You never seen feeling uncomfortable in expressing love or your feelings. I still remember you sharing your first kiss incident. You want to share your life with someone who understands you at your deepest core. ThaWhatsApp Image 2019-11-17 at 8.02.39 PM(2)t can be hard .But it doesn’t mean that you will never find it. It’s surprising how many people in today’s society claim to understand the importance of intimacy and then shy away from it completely when the opportunity presents itself.

You are incredibly intense in all that you do.You are too intense for some people. You love life and you love living life to the fullest.You intend on living life to the fullest, experiencing everything available. This causes you to lead your life with a level of intensity that most will fail to understand. The few who understand you will share your passion for finding enjoyment in every moment, those are the people you need to surround yourself with.

You cannot shut your mouth.While this may come across to others like you are  interrogating them, the truth is that you want to get to know them on a deeper and more meaningful level. You aren’t asking for manipulative reasons or to find out information you can use to your benefit later, you genuinely want to understand others better and asking questions is the best way to learn more.

You hate waiting in life. Sure, you understand the importance of friendship and companionship but when it comes down to it, you have places to go and things to accomplish. If someone is going to waste your time or leave you waiting around waiting for them to recognize what you have to offer, you have better things to do. You’ll simply walk away and devote that time and energy into those who are ready.

You are like a human lie detector. When someone is being insincere or dishonest, it’s like a red light goes off in your mind warning you that they are screwing around. As someone who values honest, as we previously discussed, there’s nothing you see as a bigger deal breaker than someone who tells lies. You have no interest in sticking around for those that don’t respect you enough to be transparent with you.

You are careful who you let into your life. You only want to spend time with people who actually add to your life. After all, what good is a friend if they don’t make your life better? Yes, you’re intense when it comes to adhering to these principles, but it’s the best way for you to live a great life.

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-17 at 8.02.39 PMYou hate ignorance. You cannot tolerate the feeling of being ignored by your beloved ones. Your critical thinking skills are something you’re immensely proud of. So when people make judgments without knowing the facts, it irks you to your core.

You love learning and expanding your mind. You are book worm not reading books alone, but peoples lives as well. Your deep and complex mind needs new information to feed itself. You love learning new things and expanding your knowledge about the world and the universe.

You don’t need attention. Craving attention because of your looks is something you simply can’t understand. You’d rather live with integrity and keep your complexity and depth about you. That’s why you take the time to get to know someone. You know there’s much more to a person than what appears on the surface. This can be intimidating to some people because you won’t be manipulated by what appears on the outside. You see them for who they truly are.

I watched this video about you. The reason nobody doesn’t understand you is that you try to be the different one and perhaps you don’t want to be understood. There’s nothing wrong with being different, it’s good to be you and unique. If you weren’t different, we’d all be the same and that’s not fun nor worth it. Many people in this world  won’t understand you like me in the first meet, but that isn’t a bad thing, But that doesn’t make you less of who you are.

MunnaPrawin, you are very unique and special to me. You are unique breed of human with so many attractive and inspiring traits. Never change yourself for anyone. Let people leave you, but never leave yourself. Remember your words, If a day comes where, I have to change ME to impress this world, that means I am dead.Remember these words forever and never change. One last thing, you may have heard this word from many, but i wanna say that I love you till my last breath. Yours loving AkshayaAryan.




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